Houston Bed and Breakfast – La Maison

breakfast of the La Maison Bed and Breakfast in Midtown
Breakfast area of the La Maison Bed and Breakfast in Midtown

What does a Houston bed and breakfast have to do with wedding photography? Well, given the current travel restrictions in place in most areas (at the time of this writing travel is limited because of Covid-19), hopping on a plane and traveling for a honeymoon after the wedding is not possible right now.

So after that beautiful wedding and reception, instead of checking into a hotel, try a more intimate setting like a bed and breakfast. I heard about this Houston bed and breakfast and decided to check them out and the place is amazing! The grounds are well kept, the rooms are clean and each has a private bathroom with shower or tub or both!

Breakfast at La Maison
This is not your typical continental breakfast

As for the breakfast part of the Houston bed and breakfast, La Maison doesn’t disappoint there either! They have a full kitchen and a beautiful dining area or you can enjoy eating in your room. You get more than just a continental breakfast with fruit and dry pastry, you get an actual breakfast! La Maison has enough space in their dining area so if your concern during Covid-19 is social distancing, you can enjoy a beautiful view along with your breakfast.

Full breakfast at La Maison Houston bed and breakfast

As for the Bed part of Bed and Breakfast, La Maison does an amazing job there. Each room is spacious and has a queen or king sized bed, sitting area, television and free wifi is available. Each room has a private bathroom so you are not sharing with other guest. some have a combination tub and shower and some have a full shower. One of the bathrooms even has a TV IN THE MIRROR!

bedroom at the La Maison bed and breakfast
bedroom at the La Maison bed and breakfast
bedroom at the La Maison bed and breakfast
La Maison Houston bed and breakfast
La Maison Houston bed and breakfast
yes, that is a TV playing in the mirror!

The La Maison bed and breakfast can also be used for social events, birthday parties, anniversary parties, or holiday parties and other events as well as business meetings as they have open areas for groups and an conference room available.

La Maison Houston bed and breakfast
Conference room at the La Maison Houston bed and breakfast

They are also listed as one of the top rated Houston bed and breakfast locations on Trip Advisor and if you want to see more about La Maison and book a reservation, check out their web site

I would love to know what you think about this Houston bed and breakfast. If you have stayed there or if you appreciate the information, leave a comment and if you are still planning your wedding and need a photographer, contact me and allow me the opportunity to serve you!

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