Who made the cake??

Who made the cake?  That question is asked a lot at the weddings that I attend.  Are you looking for wedding cake?

Who made the cake

Here is another one of my “vendor interviews” to assist you in planning your wedding.  I asked Nadine Moon of “Who Made the Cake”  some questions that I thought you may ask when looking for someone to make your wedding cake or Groom’s cake.  I also had the opportunity to visit her store and her staff is very friendly and helpful and her cakes are absolutely amazing!  The detail in the flowers made them look real!  The pictures you see are from her shop so you can get a better idea of her work.  For more information you can contact her at:

Who Made the Cake
Nadine Marie Moon
1811 S. Shepherd Dr.
Houston, TX 77019
Consultations by Appointment Only
Phone: 713-528-4719
Fax: 713-522-4787

Email:   info@WhoMadeTheCake.com

1. I have friends that have offered to prepare my cake for me. What would be the difference in having them do my cake for me vs.. having you do it?

Houston wedding cake vendor and custom cake designer

There are several important difference between someone who does cake decorating as a hobby and a professional. Most important is structure. Wedding cakes require special supports to keep them straight. The more experience someone has with wedding cake assembly, the better. This is not something you want someone experimenting with on your wedding! Second is licensing and insurance. Professional bakeries are required to be inspected by the city and have staff on hand that has passed a class in food safety. It is illegal in Texas to sell food items produced in your home because of food borne illnesses. Many venues now require proof of your health permits and insurance before you can bring outside food/cakes into their venue!

2. Will you do a custom wedding cake, or are there a set number of designs for us to choose from?
Who made the cake
“Who Made the Cake!” is a custom bakery. When a client comes in for a consultation, they browse through books of things we have made to get ideas, then I start sketching out concepts based on their likes/dislikes.

3. How adaptable are wedding cake designs, especially due to budget concerns?

who made the cake
Many of the designs brides see in magazines are quite expensive. We try to provide a range of options at different price points that capture the essence of the more expensive, trendy designs. Then the bride can select how detailed she wants it, based on her budget.

4. If I want to use fresh flowers on my cake, will you coordinate with my florist, or will I have to manage getting the flowers to you?

wedding cake vendors

Fresh flowers on a cake would be done by your florist. We will give the bride cake size information, but it is up to the bride to explain to the florist how they want the flowers place. We do not recommend fresh flowers being stuck into the cake layers as the stems drain into the cake! Ultimately, sugar flowers are the safest and there is no risk of damaging your cake.

5. Can each tier be a different flavor? How much additional is that?

who made the cake
We occasionally have brides do a different flavor on each tier. However,while there is no additional cost, this usually results in more cake being consumed because the guest want to try several flavors. If you do this, plan on getting a slightly larger cake so you don’t run out!

6. What ingredients do you typically use? What kind of icing do you use?

We specialize in butter cream cakes and white chocolate fondant. We have a wide variety of flavors, fillings and ingredients to fit all tastes. Brides get to sample 4 of our most popular flavors when they come in for a consultation.

7& 8. How far in advance should I order?  How long before our wedding are the cakes prepared?

We suggest ordering wedding cakes a minimum of 3-6 months in advance. Because our cakes are produced fresh, to order, we do fill up. While we sometimes can fit people in on short notice, you don’t want to risk your date being a “hot” wedding date when we fill up early.

9. How long does it take to make a cake?

While the bulk of the preparation on the typical wedding cake is done the day of and day before the wedding, the time required for each cake varies significantly. We have done cakes that require over 2500 hand made sugar flowers which are gradually created over a 3 month period before the wedding!

10. Are your wedding cakes priced by the slice?  Is there an extra cost for special fillings or details?

General wedding cake designs are priced by the slice starting at $3.50 per serving for butter cream styles. There are a variety of flavors, fillings & icings that are no additional charge, as well as some specialty flavors & fillings that are extra. The price per serving varies based on the complexity of the design, and materials required to make it.

11. Will you charge extra for my design?

who made the cake
If your design requires intricate detailing or fondant accents, that will increase your cost.

12. Do you do deliver? How much does it cost? Will the delivery person be able to make emergency frosting or decoration repairs and arrange the cake table?

All of our cakes are delivered by one of our decorators, not a “delivery” person. We expect that some minor damage may occur in transit and they have an emergency basket with supplies necessary to handle repairs. Occasionally, there is more significant damage, and they are equipped to handle that also. Delivery is included for 3 tier or larger cakes within a 10 mile radius of the shop, during regular business hours. Other areas are an additional charge. We have delivered cakes as far as 61/2 hours away with no problem!
Our decorators will set up the cake, but do not decorate the table. Typically, the florist or the planner handle that for the bride.
Because settling can occur, and tiers can shift, we do not let customers pick up cakes larger than a 2 tier cake.


Do you have any other questions about wedding cake for your wedding day?  Comment below and I will get an updated post with the new questions!  Feel free to share this post with those that need the info and contact me for your wedding photography needs!

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